Don’t Miss Your Chance to Enter the Screenlife Contest

The stories that will define the world of tomorrow are unfolding today, on your screens.

Using cutting-edge technology is nothing new for filmmakers; Hollywood has thrived on innovation throughout the ages, from incorporating sound to revolutionizing camera technology to fill IMAX screens. But today’s audiences are being told countless stories every day, on the screens of their laptops and smartphones.

But what if those same screens could host the cinema of the future? And what if the stories that will change the course of narrative storytelling could be told entirely on a computer screen? Welcome to screenlife, an innovative film language that unspools narratives across the frames of our most treasured, essential devices.

You have what it takes to make the great thriller or the documentary that could change everything. And we want you to show us. The Screenlife contest, from the producers of Searching and Unfriended, is a chance for up-and-coming filmmakers to see their projects produced, their vision realized, and their work seen by millions.

Filmmakers can submit ideas in four different categories: feature films, series, documentary films. These ideas must make innovative use of the screenlife format, unfolding across computer, tablet and/or smartphone screens and using this language to say something deep and meaningful about the world we live in.

The winning filmmakers in each category will have their project optioned for $1,000, with the possibility of having it produced by Bekmambetov, the visionary force behind screenlife as well as global blockbusters like Wanted and Night Watch.  

Here’s a short video, explaining the potential of the “screenlife” language:

To learn more about the contest and to enter, please check out The deadline to enter is October 1st, 2019.

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