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    1968.digital: The First Smartphone-only Doc

    The year is 1968. Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes his new novel in iPhone Notes; the Beatles chat with each other on WhatsApp; Andy Warhol posts photos from his exhibitions on Instagram. Today, a group of Russian journalists are using a post-modern way of storytelling to depict what happened 50 years ago, and we can’t get enough of it.

    “The bulk of contemporary life takes place in virtual reality – there is a huge world behind the screens of mobile phones,” says Karen Shainyan, one of the show’s creators. Together with another famous Russian journalist, Mikhail Zygar, and the famous filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, they decided to use this screenlife method of storytelling to show the life of real historical personalities through the screens of their would-be smartphones. 

    Together they are sharing the stories of events all around the world that laid a foundation of everyday life and fundamental values for fifty years to come. We will tell you how the year 1968 shaped the culture and the society, why did sexual revolution begin, and how did the struggle for human rights become mainstream.

    You can watch the series on Buzzfeed
    And 1968.digital

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