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    Director Ben Berman on His Screenlife Short ‘The Follow-Up’

    In the midst of pandemic, many filmmakers found themselves stuck at home, unable to carry on the production. Eventually they have to come up with alternative methods, and here’s when screenlife comes to stage.

    The Amazing Johnathan Documentary” director Ben Berman became one of the first to explore the possibilities of the screenlife format for making movies remotely during quarantine.

    In an interview with Screenlifer, Berman told us about his fascination with Cameo, the dangers lurking on the Internet and the future of screenlife as the only storytelling medium in the current situation.

    Screenlife / YouTube

    Director contemplates that this is possibly the first film made completely in quarantine. But certainly not the last. You can submit your real life story or film script to “Tales from the Quarantine” contest, and maybe it will become a part of the new short film anthology.

    In the meantime, watch “The Follow-Up” and get inspired:

    Benjamin Berman / Vimeo
    Cover image: The Follow-Up by Ben Berman

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