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    Screenlife Thriller ‘Resurrected’ Will Bring the Dead to Life

    Timur Bekmambetov and his Bazelevs company has just kicked off the shoot of ‘Resurrected’, a sci-fi thriller set in the dystopian future.

    The film is directed by Russian director Egor Baranov, whose works include the hit trilogy “Gogol” and Netflix’s “Sparta” series, and is shot in screenlife format — the story is told entirely through the screens of various digital devices.

    In the world of ‘Resurrected’, Vatican has found a way to bring dead people back to life. As in other screenlife films, the action takes place entirely on the computer screen of the protagonist, Dave Davis (“The Vigil,” “True Detective”) as virtual church priest Stanley. His son died in a car accident, and this personal tragedy leads to his own investigation in order to uncover a global conspiracy behind the resurrection process.

    Bekmambetov is producing ‘Resurrected’ with Maria Zatulovskaya at Bazelevs, with David Meadeb at Logical Pictures, in association with Aleksandr Fomin at Pulsar Content, the sales banner launched by Gilles Sousa and Marie Garrett.

    Cover image: The Vigil / Blumhouse Productions

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