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    Screenlife: When Technology Creates Drama

    For years the short film format has been helping newcomer filmmakers to start their career. It was short form exactly at the beginning of the history of cinema. And today short films are the most important tools of communication. Screenlife format has made it even easier to participate in the film industry and produce movies with topical scripts. Thus we’ve got the ultimate formula of the modern film. And what could be more topical than human relationships? Today most of the communications between lovers are happening inside their devices, and that’s how technologies make drama. We’ve selected some couples, who’s love stories are told via screenlife. And they are heartbreaking!

    Missed Call

    This short film is written and directed by Ignacio Rodó and Klea Marković, starring Mirjana Marković and Graham Roberts. And elderly couple-non-couple Alan and Mirjana love each other, but they live in a 3 000 miles distance from each other. Though both 80 years old, their passion and dialogues are fresh and young. We see the story through their skype calls, getting to know more about their history and personalities.

    From the first seconds the comical effect catches the audience with the similarity of a morning call from a girlfriend. As if there are no 3 000 miles between the characters, and they are able to feel jealousy and shame, and they are swearing and getting angry because of it, as young lovers do.

    Webcam chat

    You can hardly imagine something worse than leaking your nudes online. Short film Webcam Chat looks like a typical skype talk between spouses who love and miss each other. At first they are fighting a bit about a case at the party the girl attended previously, and then as it usually happens the boy asks her to take her top off. Kind of a typical and intimate situation. The very last thing you need is someone third joining the conversation. Yet, the internet is no longer private (it has never been).

    The hotter it gets between the lovers, the more glitch and connection problem messages we see. The girl keeps repeating she feels awkward and uncomfortable with it. Shel takes her top off leaving the bra, but her boyfriend insists to take it off either, which is unacceptable for her. The caption next remarks, that thousands of private videos are leaking to the porn sites with the voice over of a girl feeling weird and uncomfortable. This is so far more scarring that any fiction.

    Kolkata sexy and hot Girl In Webcam

    Another short with webcam stripping but with fundamental differences. First, this is obviously technically more difficult. There are both screenlife and live action formats. Second, we are for sure watching stripping with consent. The girl is playing with the male character, makes him beg for her, for she is absolutely sure this is an intimate chat.

    However, the capture in the end reveals what we see inside the frame may not be the ultimate reality. We see the a man is not alone in front of the computer. So this can be valid both for him and a girl, because we are not sure she is alone as well.

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