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    Timur Bekmambetov is coming to Liverpool to work with young filmmakers

    Russian producer/director Timur Bekmambetov is coming to Liverpool to introduce screenlife and work with young filmmakers during his masterclasses.

    Bekmambetov aims to work alongside FACT, Alt Valley Community Trust, LJMU, Edge Hill and Liverpool Hope Universities to inspire innovative ways to produce film and content .

    Timur Bekmambetov has already produced several highly-successful screenlife films, such as “Searching” and his latest production “Profile”, which brought him and his team top prizes from the Berlin International Film Festival and South by Southwest in 2018.  Producer also engages promising film making communities in Mexico, Beijing, Moscow, New York and Shanghai to develop works that his production company Bazelevs will make over the coming years.

    Watch our short doc on main features of screenlife format:

    Screenlife / YouTube

    Screenlife Liverpool Exec producer Joann Kushner said that “Timur is a visionary filmmaker with a firm grasp of the business aspect of the art form, he invigorates those around him with his unique capacity to bring innovative cinematic experiences to the big screen and the reason why we are really excited about him coming here!  It’s a real honor that he has chosen Liverpool as a place to engage young film makers with these amazing opportunities and I am really excited about the possibilities of work directed and produced here in Liverpool being shown on a global stage”.

    Liverpool cultural institutions are recruiting 10 young people in early or mid September at FACT 88 Wood Street. Timur’s masterclasses will take place in FACT in late Sept, late Oct and Nov.

    Please visit Culture Liverpool for more details.

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