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    ‘Tales from the Quarantine’ Contest Finalists Announced

    “Tales from the Quarantine” movie antology, compiled from user stories and filmed by young filmmakers from Russia and the USA under the direction of Timur Bekmambetov’s production team, will be shown at the Screenlife Fest, held as part of the first virtual market for Russian content Key Buyers Event: Digital Edition. The online premiere and stream with the creators of the project will begin on June 11 at 18:00 GMT+3 on the festival website.

    The project will summarize the international competition of stories about life during the pandemic, told in screenlife format. The final version includes seven short films from the winners of the competition from Russia, Ukraine and the USA.

    A short film directed by Aksinya Gog with the participation of popular Russian actors will open the film almanac. The short film “Contacts” will tell about the mayor of a small city, after he was tested positive for coronavirus . The plot of the short film “Fake News” focuses on the dangerous consequences of infodemic and misinformation about the virus and quarantine that is spreading faster than the virus itself. In the story “Looking for Roommate”, a divorced man who faces a series of curiosities in search of a new neighbor in the midst of quarantine. “The Most Dangerous Diseases Chat” tries to imagine how the casual chat of diseases affecting humanity in the last century might look like. The short film Truth, Lies and Coronavirus talks about the crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus that have spread since its inception. A special project “Love in Quarantine” with the star of MTV’s “Scream” Carlson Young and the script by young filmmakers Jeremy Coleman and Noah Rinsky.

    Director and producer Timur Bekmambetov announced the launch of the contest in late March. For 3 months of quarantine, about 500 applications from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, England, Italy, France, Poland and even Kenya were presented for the contest.

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