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    Here’re the First Reviews of R#J After the Sundance Premiere

    R#J, which premiered last Saturday night at the Sundance Film Festival, is a new adaptation of Shakespeare’s imperishable play Romeo and Juliet that utilizes the screenlife format, meaning the story is told entirely through social media and smartphone screens.

    Screenlifer have compiled for you a selection of R#J reviews in the American press.

    USA Today

    USA Today listed the film among the top-5 movies of the festival, saying that “R#J takes the world’s most ubiquitous love story, makes it relevant again and even manages to create something new.”


    “The screen elements of “R#J,” a film told almost entirely from the perspective of its characters’ social media accounts, deliver a story that feels true to Williams’ desire to immerse his audience in the world of his young lovers. “It’s Romeo and Juliet, but on Instagram” might sound both navel-gazing and eye-crossing, but Williams and the technology he utilizes have, if nothing else, the right energy to tell a contemporary love story.”

    The Wrap

    TheWrap / YouTub


    “Vivid, fast-moving and overwhelmingly busy, there is something recognizable about the experience of watching this film, which pretty much simulates the restlessness of living with our phones and digital identities as one.”


    “The result seamlessly interleaves all that disparate material, in a wide variety of aspect ratios and looks, into a remarkably fluid and compelling expression of Williams’, and Shakespeare’s, vision.

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