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    R#J Premieres at Sundance Film Festival

    The new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in screenlife format will be featured in the competition program of one of the most prestigious independent film festivals, the Sundance Film Festival. The film entitled “R #J” will premiere in the NEXT section — it features the most advanced and innovative films of the screening.

    The film was produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Igor Tsai. Their screenlife thriller “Searching” has already triumphed at Sundance in 2018. It received the Audience Award and the Alfred P. Sloan Prize. The film also became one of the most successful deals of the festival. The distribution rights were acquired by Sony, and the film grossed over $75 million on a budget of $800,000.

    R # J is the first adaptation of a Shakespeare play for Generation Z, the most active users of social media and smartphones. The new version of the saddest love story was filmed in screenlife format. The events unfold in our days, and the action takes place entirely on smartphone screens of the main characters and in their social media accounts. By the way, you can already subscribe to them.




    DIEGO TINOCO / Tybalt

    The film was directed by debutant Cary Williams, who won the 2018 Sundance Special Jury Prize for his short “Emergency”.

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