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    Lockdown Diary From Students of Edge Hill University in Liverpool

    On March 20, 2020 all schools, colleges and universities in the UK closed their doors after a COVID-19 pandemic was declared. On March 23 the UK government imposed a lockdown on the whole population, banning all “non-essential” travel and contact with people outside one’s home.  Since then the Prime Minister Boris Johnson was stuck down by the disease and the UK is 3rd worst hit country after USA and Italy.

    Here is a snap shot from Students of Edge Hill University in Liverpool after their first week of lockdown.  

    EHU Research Institutes / YouTube

    Take part in developing the global COVID-19 narrative by uploading your (30 seconds to 2 minutes video) snapshots of life under lock down to Screenlife Liverpool and submit your story to the “Tales from the Quarantine” contest.

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