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    Screenlife Accelerator Programme Boosts Creativity Among the Young Filmmakers in Liverpool

    Edge Hill University and Screenlife Liverpool’s Accelerator Programme ended on March, 26th, being the UK’s first ever programme to teach the innovative technique.


    The Screenlife Accelerator Programme, which started in January, was run by the Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) in partnership with Screenlife Liverpool, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and supported by the creator of screenlife, Timur Bekmambetov.

    A group of 30 young filmmakers, writers and artists have been taught how to use the screenlife technology. They are now the UK’s first filmmakers trained to use the screenlife format, which gives them new, exciting career opportunities.

    Screenlife technology and principles have enabled filmmakers to carry on creating and innovating during a worldwide crisis. Not only that but the new skills those on the course have learnt will give many the opportunity to access the film industry for the first time.

    Martin McQuillan

    Director of the Institute for Creative Enterprise

    The ingenuity of screenlife means that all the work can be done remotely with only a laptop or a cellphone.

    I would like to thank our Director of Operations for Screenife Liverpool Joann Kushner for putting this collaboration together.  It’s been great to witness the energy that the Accelerator course has generated amongst LCR Creatives, some really exciting concepts have been produced and I hope that this is the beginning of a productive Journey for Screenlife Liverpool, the Participants and EHU.

    Timur Bekmambetov

    Director, producer, creator of screenlife

    As their final piece of work, every student was encouraged to create a proof-of-concept trailer for the project that will be pitched to major film studios and investors to be developed for commercial production.

    The 12-week course included weekly webinars hosted by key creatives from Bekmambetov’s production banner Bazelevs, as well as talks from industry veterans like the producer of “Searching”. As well as learning about screenlife, participants were taught about film production, directing and financing to give them a broad knowledge of the film industry.

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