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    Screenlife Liverpool

    Screenlife Liverpool Is Recruiting Now

    We are excited to announce that Screenlife Liverpool will be delivering the BFI Film Academy programme for 2021/22!

    We are searching for 20 talented, enthusiastic and hard-working 16-19 years olds from Liverpool City Region to take part in this year’s prestigious BFI Film Academy. If you are interested in film, a gamer, a writer then this is for you.

    You will create Screenlife short films as proofs of concept and pitch them to Screenlife and Bazelevs Film Executives. 

    You will learn and develop Screenlife filmmaking skills, working with industry professionals and take your first step into the film industry.​

    Producers, Directors, Writers and Editors that made the films ‘Searching’, ‘Profile’, ‘Unfriended’, ‘R & J’ will lead master classes in Screenlife production including the creator of the format, Timur Bekmambetov. Other speakers include Maria Zatulovskaya and Madj Nassif. Their films include: Hardcore Henry, Searching, Profile, Dead of Night TV Series, The Current War, Unfriended: Dark Web.​

    Course Dates

    The course will run every week from Wednesday November 17th 2021 until Wednesday February 2nd 2022.​

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 the course will be delivered in-person and online, keeping to Government COVID-19 guidelines. If necessary we can switch to a fully online delivery approach.​

    Course Leader: Barry Kushner – bazkush@gmail.com


    1) Experience all aspects of hands-on filmmaking, which will help you develop your practical knowledge and skills, learning alongside the industry’s most successful Screenlife filmmakers.
    2) Gain a real insight into the exciting world of cinema, equipping you with digital filmmaking skills and experience that are the future film industry.
    3) Watch a range of cinema including Screenlife, British independent and specialised film.
    4) Work in teams on a practical Screenlife format film project spread across ten weeks. The films will be pitched to Timur Bekmambetov and Producers from Bazelevs and Screenlife Liverpool.
    5) Achieve the Silver Arts Award Work.
    6) Become part of the BFI Film Academy Alumni and access exclusive opportunities, advice and professional development.
    7) Join the Screenlife Liverpool talent bank with opportunities to work on our film productions.


    To apply for the BFI Film Academy you must:
    a) Be aged 16–19 years old on the first day of the course
    b) Live in Liverpool City Region
    c) Have a passion or talent for filmmaking, gaming, writing or an ambition to work in the film industry
    d) Be able to commit to the duration of the course (10 weeks from November 17th – January 31st)
    e) Not currently at University or enrolled at University when the course starts

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