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    Screenlife Liverpool

    Screenlife Liverpool Launches a New Platform for Digital Storytelling

    COVID-19 has caused chaos to the creative world. And in response Screenlife Liverpool has teamed up with Culture Liverpool to connect our creative and digital communities as they adapt to life under global lockdown.

    Covid-19’s impact on arts and culture has led to countless festivals, films, concerts being scrapped or postponed and theatres and galleries closed. SXSW, Glastonbury, Coachella have all fallen victim. It’s even closed down the set of Universal’s Batman, being filmed in Liverpool. 

    Coronavirus is already changing our daily lives.  But how it might impact culture and communities in the longer term?

    Platforms are popping up for creatives to develop their audiences from 1500 to 150,000 with one gig or video. Film and music studios are scouring through the white noise to find innovative ways to reboot business models. The Screenlife Liverpool platform gives an opportunity to inspire the new generation of creative and digital talents).

    Liverpool has never been a city to lie down.

    liverpoolfilmoffice / YouTube

    Screenlife Liverpool is an opportunity for musicians and film-makers everywhere to join the new model army of creatives to produce the Lumier’ moment of the new digital age. It will give the creatives a global platform for A&R, film production and content development. Storytelling reimagined, redeveloped and redesigned from one the world’s most creative global cities.

    Screenlife Liverpool will be working with award-winning Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, the creator of the Screenlife format, who has launched a contest to crowdsource stories from the global lockdown.

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