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    7 Best DAW Software (Hans Zimmer approves)

    Digital audio workstation (or DAW, sequencer) is the heart of the studio. It lets us record, mix, and master sound. If you choose the right DAW, you can remain as productive as possible. We have selected the seven best software solutions.

    Avid Pro Tools


    Avid Pro Tools is a real studio classic. The software is popular both in the music industry, and among filmmakers and TV reporters. Despite the fact that the first version of the sequencer appeared in 1989, it is constantly updated and supplemented with new features.

    Pro Tools is a fast growing subscription-based platform. You can pay for Pro Tools Ultimate license, and it will be with you forever. Alternatively, you can buy a temporary license — this is a good deal too, because there are bonuses such as plugins and courses.

    Many professionals use Pro Tools, especially those who work in large studios. But this doesn’t mean that you definitely need this monster. If your goals are modest, you can choose something different. If you are unsure whether to buy a subscription, try free trial first — it allows you to work on up to 16 audio tracks.

    Steinberg Cubase 10


    Cubase is popular among beginners because of its simplicity: everything can be dealt with intuitively. Anyone can just start working in this tool. However, this does not mean that Cubase is some kind of toy for those who like to have fun with sound. It gives you as much productivity as any other music production software.

    Cubase is also great for professionals who have been in the industry for a long time. Hans Zimmer chooses this particular software, which means it is suitable not just for sound engineers, but also for composers.

    Free trial

    Image-Line FL Studio

    FL STUDIO by Image-Line Software/YouTube

    No, this is not a joke. Fl Studio is a longtime champion among first-timers for sound mastering. Many people label this DAW as non-professional, but this is a mistake. FL Studio is an excellent sound editor with a huge number of high-quality plugins for audio programming and virtual instruments. Another advantage of FL Studio is that when you pay for it, you get free updates, and you can even compose music on your phone or tablet using FL Studio applications.

    Free trial

    Logic Pro X

    Tahir Burhan/YouTube

    A cool Apple app with simple interface and powerful software. Logic Pro is great for working with music: you can easily master sound for a movie or any other project. The standard plugins supplied with Logic Pro X are probably the best among all DAW.

    Sorry, Windows fans, but Logic Pro is only available on Mac computers.

    Logic Pro X does not have a free trial version, but you can download the Garage Band app. In fact, this is Apple’s software for working with sound, designed for newbies. Studying the interface and operation principles will help you then shift to Logic Pro X, if you like the software.

    Ableton Live


    Ableton Live has a few advantages: you can create songs and arrangements in two ways — using a combination of cyclic launch or traditional arrangement. This feature makes the software convenient for electronic musicians. With Ableton Live, you can easily write some kind of background music for your videos or even compose a jingle.

    Free trial

    Presonus Studio One

    PreSonus Audio Electronics/YouTube

    Studio One has all the tools to get serious about recording and mixing audio. It has innovative creative tools that will help generate ideas while fixing the attention on the work process. Despite the fact that Studio One is one of the newest DAW software, it has already managed to prove it’s worth as the main tool for creating audio content. Many users of other DAW have already switched to this platform and by no means regret the decision.

    Free trial

    Adobe Audition

    Mike Russell/YouTube

    Audition is not a full-fledged digital workstation, but the software is still immensely useful when it comes to working with sound. For example, it is perfect for voiceover artists and videographers who often need to quickly correct or master something in the original track. Unfortunately, Adobe Audition is only available on a monthly subscription and does not support the MIDI protocol which allows you to work with virtual instruments. However, Adobe Audition can still be great for your purposes.

    Free trial

    Choosing a DAW program is a long but important process. The key here is to choose the sequencer in which you can easily work and remain efficient.

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    Pavel Novikov

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