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    How to Make an Effective Proof of Concept Video

    For your submission to the Screenlife Contest, we ask you to turn in a video. While we expect HD (1920×1080) resolution, the video should be less than 10-minute-long, encoded in .mp4 format, and under a 100 megs in size. Just make sure to encode at a high-enough bitrate for the quality not to suffer.

    What should the video include? Try to vow us, getting across the key elements you want us to understand about your project. You can make a little teaser, showing us a bit of the world, the characters and the drama of your story. You can use actors or just found or stock footage. Be creative. The technology to make an effective screenlife film is right at your fingertips.

    If it’s a documentary, please include a brief interview or pitch about your subjects(s).

    It would be great to see in your video presentation how you would handle the screenlife format. To that end, you can record the screen of your computer using numerous applications, while for editing we recommend Adobe Premiere but you can ultimately use the software of your choice to achieve the right effect.

    Here are some to check out:

    Check out Andrew Wesman’s tips on how to edit a screenlife film here.

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