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    Tutorials Were First to Try the New Way

    It seems that tutorials were the first to use screenlife. You can find anything on Youtube — from an instruction on how to buy stuff on Ebay to tutorials on serious professional equipment.

    It’s no doubt the easiest and fastest way to get an answer to anything. Though the genre has a problem — not everything shown on screen is relevant or interesting. The creators  sometimes don’t know what’s the best way to share their information. We’ve all seen this: a 10 minutes video that contains only a minute of useful facts.

    Here’s how it goes: the author presents himself/herself, then explains a rather simple operation, say, creating a folder on your desktop. And then he/she get distracted, lose their point and so on.

    But there are people who made a career out of screenlife tutorials. For example the instructor of videographic apps ECAbrams. He’s quick, he’s funny, he’s has really useful tips on using Premiere and After Effects.

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