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    Not by Meme Alone. Three Social Networks Where Unusual Things Happen

    If you look like Churchill, there is a place for you in the Double-Ganger Club, and if you want pleasures before going to bed, turn the pillow over and write about it in a special group on social media. People often team up for unusual preferences. Screenlifer, having scrolled through the Facebook feed, digs into the world of little-known social networks that unite beer lovers and people who want to make friends with God.

    Friendship With a Bacterium and a President’s Plastic Head

    One of the main social networks was created when Zuckerberg was 11 years old. The first social network was created in 1995 by Boeing employee Randy Conrads; it was called Classmates.com. Users could find classmates, colleagues, and fellow students.

    The social network still exists, and now it is used by about 70 million people. According to Abani Heller, the general director of the company that owns the social network, users are united by emotions that are caused by communication with old friends. Simply put, this is a social network for those who feel nostalgic.

    In 2004, Facebook and MySpace were created, conquering millions (over a billion in Facebook) of users. There is an opinion that they attract people primarily with the possibility of self-expression, when the wish to create information is limited only by law.
    The social network revolution has not stopped. In 2008, Nclüdr was created. This is a place where you can make friends with God, or at least with Chuck Norris. Many, however, do not see any difference between them.

    Before using Nclüdr, you need to register, and here you will notice that the process differs from the usual social networks. It turns out that you are not fully responsible for your personal page. Nclüdr creates it on the basis of your answers to the questions you are asked during registration. For example, you may be asked where the birds fly and offered the following options: ‘in the sky’, ‘not sure’, ‘in the bowling alley’. But it can be more difficult. ‘If the moon wanes, and it is Tuesday at 20.00 in the Tropic of the North, how long does it take for coffee in the cup to cool by 5 percent?’

    Having completed the registration, you will be taken to your page generated by the social network. You will see the standard fields: ‘relationship status’, ‘political’ views and others. But they will be filled by things that only the social network knows about you. For example, that you are in a relationship with three men, the last thing you did was watch the entire Star Track ignoring the family, and your special ability is invisibility.

    Unlike the usual social networks, you do not need to spend time searching for friends: they are immediately added to your page. Where else can you make friends with the Scream picture, a cake, a plastic head of Lincoln and a bird flu bacteria? Each page is clickable and carefully filled.

    Tovarisch Badge and Not Frozen Frost

    It would seem that there are things that can not be transferred to virtuality. Some people manage to keep relationships at a distance, but alcohol is something that helps communication only in reality. Not entirely true.

    In 2010, designer Tim Mather and web developer Greg Evol created Untappd, a social network for beer lovers. There is everything we like about social networks: friends, messages, posts. But there are peculiar things here.

    At Untappd, you can find information on most existing beers. Its relevance is supported by the users themselves, so you can read about many rare and local varieties, including those brewed by home brewers. From the main page you can go to the beer rating page of breweries based on user ratings. Among the drinks, Proprietor’s Bourbon County Brand Stout 2014 has the highest rating — it is an imperial stout from the US. The Pips Meadery from the USA is the leader among breweries.

    Untappd offers various possibilities: you can mark the variety that you have tried, evaluate it on a five-point scale and add a comment and a photo; you can take part in the achievement system by getting different badges for tasting certain varieties (for Russian varieties they give the Tovarisch badge) or tasting on certain days. There is another important feature: you can call an Uber through the Untappd application to the bar or pub.

    In Search of a Mustache

    It is unlikely that you are able to come up with a mustache-related question that could not be answered by going through Stache Passions: from simple things (how to cut, grow, care) to things more complicated (stylistic features of different mustache forms). One of the features Stache Passions website has is searching friends using several parameters: from traditional ‘Sex’ and ‘Age’ to thematic ‘Type of mustache’ (‘Salvador Dali style mustache, ‘Porn star mustache’, ‘Horseshoe mustache’, etc.).

    Stache Passions is not simply a guide to life with a mustache, but also a dating site. In the questionnaire, you can specify the orientation and the kind of person you are looking for.

    There are several million people registered on the website. All of them are mustache lovers. A user named DancingCowboy and many others claim they never shaved off their mustache, only if it was required at work. There are women looking for a life partner registered here.

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