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    San Diego Teacher Delivers Trigonometry Lesson in Half-Life: Alyx

    San Diego teacher Charles Coomber has decided to give seventh-graders a math lesson in the new Half-Life: Alyx game, which can be played only in VR.

    Coomber held a lesson on March 23, right on the release day of the new Half-Life game.

    Charles Coomber / YouTube

    The lesson took place in the first location of the game, where there are virtual markers and a sponge. Coomber used a window as a white board. The teacher also conducted a short tour of the game for students.

    The next day, an excerpt from Coomber’s lesson appeared on Reddit’s homepage, where it gained more than three million views.

    Coronavirus pandemic already resulted in popular artists performing for the fans from their homes and even Formula 1 organizing their first Virtual Grand Prix!

    Cover image: Charles Coomber / YouTube

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