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    What is Facebonding

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    What it means

    When more than two people are sitting in the same area (typically in a cafe, on a street, or at someone’s place). They are here to spend time together, but at the same moment they are logged onto Facebook or equivalent social networks like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. They are not consumed by a social network entirely, but neither are completely disconnected from it. They have a conversation and discuss news in their feeds, among other things. They often get distracted from this conversation to look through the updates, post a funny comment, get an answer to it, read it aloud.


    Derives from Facebook and bonding.

    When written with a hyphen (face-bonding) it means one of the methods for assembling semiconductor chips in electronics. When written separately (face bonding), the meaning is lost. Someone might think about plastic surgery – cosmetic bonding. Others will imagine faces of a happy couple from bank credit ads.

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    How to use the word

    I went to a cafe with Lena and Marie for a little facebonding.


    Why do we use social networks when friends are around? Posting and commenting is pretty lonely, even if you have a lot of online friends. First, the social network is an excellent conversation starter. You can discuss what is happening in it right here and now.   


    “Here and now” is something that has changed in communication since social networks were created. In ancient times, when people went to cafes with no Internet, they instantly received an answer to their message. Sometimes even before they finished saying it – it was clear where they were going. Now both the sender and the recipient can think about the content of the message as much as they like. Unfortunately, not everyone uses it, but the fact is it’s impossible to get a reaction before you sent the information. In addition, the recipient can be thousands of kilometers away from the sender. This communication is most likely not happening “now” and certainly not “here.” This is exactly what facebonding works with. You seem to be online, but also with friends. You have both deferred messages online, and instant reactions from friends.

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