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    Tales From the Quarantine Project Rules

    1. Submissions

    Participants will submit videos, texts or script pitches in ​two​ different categories: ​real life stories and quarantine scripts.

    Submitted videos must be in the ​screenlife​ format.

    By ​screenlife,​ we mean a format whereby the video is framed inside the screen of a computer, handheld computer tablet, smartphone, or similar device or within the frame of an “app” or other software program. It could be videos filmed directly with your device’s camera or video of what is on your screen, like screen captures of the chats and apps being used to tell the story.

    2. Selection of Videos

    Bazelevs Entertainment will post a curated selection of submitted videos on its website and social media channels. We will also choose 2 weekly videos to feature on our website and social media.


    All submissions will go through ​screenlifer.com,​ where a special page will be created for the contest.
    Recommended format for video/film uploads is ​HD, 1920×1080, under 1 gig per file, .mov/.mp4.

    ​4. Schedule

    Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the contest is completed.

    5. Legal

    In order to participate, each submitter of materials must accept these Rules of Participation.

    The participant affirms that he or she has the legal right to submit the materials (in video or written format) to the ​Tales of the Quarantine​ project and owns the underlying intellectual and representation rights for the materials.

    By accepting this agreement, each participant submitting a “real life” video or fictional film grants Bazelevs Entertainment a non-exclusive perpetual irrevocable license to publish this video or film on the website ​screenlifer.com​, other websites owned by Bazelevs Entertainment, its social media channels, and other media outlets that would carry out the marketing and publicity of the project and its participants.

    Each participant submitting a pitch script grants ​Bazelevs Entertainment an option for a term of 18 months to acquire all rights in and to the materials included in the pitch as well as the materials developed during the related pitch sessions; all other terms of the option and purchase agreement are to be negotiated in good faith.

    Each winner is responsible for payment of his/her applicable taxes in connection thereof, if any.

    Each submitter under 18 years of age must provide a signed or electronic permission from their adult legal guardian.

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