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    What is Screenlife

    Screenlife is a new format of visual content that has grown from independent projects to full-length, world-renowned films, documentaries and TV shows. Its main idea is that everything that the viewer sees happens on the computer, tablet or smartphone screen. All the events unfold directly on the screen of your device. Instead of film set — there’s a desktop, instead of protagonist’s actions — a cursor.

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    If you are involved in video production, cinema or even video games, Screenlife is a new expressive environment for you, the potential of which is yet to be discovered. Before your eyes, there will be new tools to work with, such as the screenlife recorder.

    Now it’s time to introduce ourselves: a few years ago film director and producer Timur Bekmambetov together with his company Bazelevs discovered a new film language — screenlife. Bekmambetov produced the screenlife film “Unfriended”, in which the action takes place on the screens of protagonists’ computers. With a budget of only $1 million, the movie raised $64 million at the box office worldwide.

    Last year, the screenlife thriller “Searching” received two awards at the Sundance Film Festival and made more than $75 million worldwide. And there are more films in this genre to come.

    The international Bazelevs team not only deals with film projects and advertising, but also is an incubator for tools that help the film industry move forward. Screenlife is a full-fledged language that we use in real life and which we will continue to master further. Sharing your life on screen has never been easier.


    If you have an idea for a film or series that utilizes the screenlife format send us your best pitch to enter the screenlife contest.

    There are gradually more and more screenlife projects, as well as screenlifers — those who cannot imagine their life without this language. On Screenlifer we will talk about interesting projects in this genre, about technologies and tools that allow you to create screenlife content and what happens to us when we are online. After all, the history is made on the screen today.

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