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    No Blinking: What Does Monetizing Eyeballs Mean

    A term for figuring out how much each person who looks at your Web site is worth.


    Eyeballs is a marketing designation for an Internet user. Accordingly, monetizing eyeballs means monetizing of users.

    How to use the word

    It is mainly used in large business and in Internet-related marketing. However, small projects, even personal pages, also monetize eyeballs, that is, they earn money on users. The word eyeball is included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary


    Like any other business, the Internet industry reduces the user to his or her ability to see ads, as well as to the price of information about his or her preferences and routes. The main merit of a person from the commercial point of view is to look — that is, literally turn the eyeballs — in the right direction. Social networks, mass media, stores — any commercial online projects — collect data to change supply in response to changing demand. Sign up for free to watch a funny video! Thank you, our accounting already has your your data.

    A recent scandal involving Facebook and political consultants from Cambridge Analytica showed that politicians are doing the same thing. Zuckerberg had to apologize for leaking the data of smartphone users from the Android operating system without their consent, and American newspapers called it the main scandal of 2018. It is still under discussion. Moreover, in order to make the data exclusive, and their collection more efficient, the Facebook management decided to concentrate all the eyeballs on their platforms. To do this, Zuckerberg personally ordered to prohibit any video services, except Instagram, access to Facebook. Many services were forced to shut down because of this, Vine for example. But all eyeballs are now on Instagram and Facebook, and their data is on who needs it.

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