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    Screenlife Miniseries Alisa Premieres at SXSW

    Alisa is a joint project of the Bazelevs Entertainment and Medialab Yandex.Taxi. South by Southwest (SXSW) has just announced it among over works in the Episodic Pilot Competition category.

    Screenlife / YouTube

    Alisa is an advanced voice assistant for taxi drivers. In each episode of this screenlife show, where everything is perceived from the AI’s POV, Alisa encounters freaky, frightening or funny passengers that question her sense of humour and humanity.

    Each episode is based on the contemporary problems of artificial intelligence be it the famous trolley problem, the ability of AI to think abstractly and act irrationally or intervene in private life if the purpose is good. Ultimately, “Alisa” boils down to the question if AI can be more human than man himself? And if so, is it good for humanity?

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