Submit Your Story to the Quarantine Screenlife Contest Right Now

Has the virus got you stuck at home? Do you have a compelling story of life under the quarantine to share with the world? We are launching a contest where the stories of people placed in the largest lockdown in history will be brought to the screen — in a literal sense.

The new short film anthology, “Tales from the Quarantine,” from Timur Bekmambetov’s Bazelevs Studio, a creative workforce behind the popular movies Searching and Unfriended, will be told through the screens of smartphones and laptops — in the Screenlife format.

Here’s our short doc on screenlife

The best stories will be published weekly, and the creators will be rewarded with special prizes. The project will last until the end of lockdown.

Participants will submit ideas in two categories:

  1. REAL LIFE STORIES: documentary videos, filmed in
    the screenlife format, from 10 seconds to 3 minutes of
    real-life situations happening under the coronavirus-related
    quarantine (either imposed by the government,
    self-imposed, or simply due to everything around you being
    cancelled with you being sent home). The subject is up to you, from the heart-wrenching or informative to inspiring and amusing — just make sure it is worth sharing. You can also submit your story in the text format. If your application has mature-subject matter, please indicate on the submission form.
  2. QUARANTINE SCRIPTS: scripts for short films (up to 10 minutes) — this contest will give filmmakers an opportunity to first submit a script for a quarantine-related film and have it reviewed by Bazelevs development team, as well as win a prize.

Complete the form below to submit your idea:

Please, carefully read the contest rules before submitting your pitch.

And don’t forget to watch our screenlife lessons:

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