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    Lockdown Romance: ‘Love in Isolation’ Is a New Short Film From the ‘Tales From the Quarantine’ Anthology

    ‘Love in Isolation’ is a romantic comedy starring Carlson Young and John Karna (both of MTV’s Scream) completed entirely during the 2020 quarantine—written, filmed, and edited remotely, with no two cast or crew members in the same location as a part of the ‘Tales From the Quarantine‘ anthology.

    Sophie and Will are two singles who match on a dating app in March 2020. But when their plans to meet in person are ruined by the COVID-19 stay-at-home-order, they instead form a bond over FaceTime. As their relationship intensifies over the next months, they must confront whether virtual dating can produce real love or if their connection is just a distraction during an emotionally fraught time.

    Screenlife / YouTube

    The short was co-written and co-directed by aspiring filmmakers Jeremy Coleman and Noah Rinsky. They teamed up with Timur Bekmambetov and Adam Sidman, producers of Searching and Unfriended.

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